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Jack Earl
Edifice in Process
Ceramic and china paint
10 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 33 1/2 inches
Jack Earl
Bill in the Garbage
10 x 8 x 7 inches
Jack Earl
Scraps and Slats
Ceramic, oil paint
26 x 18 x 11 inches
Jack Earl
Where is Bill
16 1/2 x 22 x 4 inches

Jack Earl

1964 MA, Ohio State University
1956 BA, Bluffton College

Teaching Experience
1972-78 Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
1964-72 Instructor, Toledo Museum of Art, School of Design
1957-63 Public School Teaching

Teaching/Research Experience
1974, 1976, 1979 Kohler Company, Artist in Industry Program

Solo Exhibitions
2003 Perimeter Gallery – Chicago, IL
2000 Nancy Margolis Gallery – New York, NY
1999 Perimeter Gallery - Chicago, IL
1999 Duncan Gallery of Art, Stetson University - FL
1996 Perimeter Gallery - Chicago, IL
1996 Snyderman Gallery – Philadelphia, PA
1995-97Nancy Margolis Gallery - New York, NY
1995 Garth Clark Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
1993 Perimeter Gallery - Chicago, IL
1992 Dorothy Weiss Gallery – San Francisco, CA
1990 Dorothy Weiss Gallery - San Francisco, CA
1990 Miami University - Oxford, OH
1989 Jack Earl: Lives and Times, Kansas City Art Institute - Kansas City, MO
1988 Perimeter Gallery - Chicago, IL
1988 Octagon Center - Ames, IA
1988 Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Art - Racine, WI
1988 American Craft Museum - New York, NY
1987 John Michael Kohler Arts Center- Sheboygan, WI
1987 Cross Creek Gallery - Malibu, CA
1985 Perimeter Gallery - Chicago, IL
1977-85Theo Portnoy Gallery - New York, NY
1982 Akron Art Museum - Akron, OH
1977 Quay Ceramic Gallery - San Francisco, CA
1977 Exhibit A - Evanston, IL
1974-76Pyramid Galleries Ltd. - Washington, DC
1973 Gallery of Contemporary Art - Williamsburg, VA
1973 Lee Nordness Galleries - New York, NY
1972 Museum of Contemporary Crafts - New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions
2000 Regis Masters Series, Northern Clay Center - Minneapolis, MN
1993 Taft Museum of Art - Cincinnati, OH (traveling exhibition)
1989 Perth International Crafts Triennial, Art Gallery of Western Australia - Perth, Western
1989 Sybaris Gallery - Royal Oak, MI
1989 American Clay Artists 1989, Port of History Museum and the Clay Studio – Philadelphia
1989 The Third National Ceramic Invitational, Canton Art Institute - Canton, OH
1989 41 Ceramic Artists, Bennington College - Bennington, VT
1989 Surreal Ceramics, John Michael Kohler Arts Center - Sheboygan, WI
1989 Ceramic Invitational, Ohio University - Athens, OH
1989 Artful Objects: Recent American Crafts - Fort Wayne Museum of Art - Fort Wayne, IN
1987-88The Eloquent Object (traveling exhibition)
1986-88Craft Today: Poetry of the Physical, Inaugural show of the American Craft Museum - New
York, NY
1986 Scripps College Ceramic Annual - Clairmont, CA
1979 A Century of Ceramics in the U.S.: 1878-1978 - Syracuse, NY
1977 Artist in Industry - Kohler, WI
1976 Davis Art Gallery - Akron, OH
1976 The Object of Poet, Fendrick Gallery of Art - Washington, DC
1975 Food Stuffs - Kohler, WI
1974 Image/Idea, Evanston, IL
1974 Clay Things, Whitney Museum of American Art - New York, NY
1973 Ceramic International - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1973 The Plastic Earth - Sheboygan, WI
1972 International Exhibition of Ceramics - London, England
1972 Fiber, Clay and Glass, Kansas City, KS
1971 Ceramic Invitational, Saratoga Springs, NY
1970 Ceramic Scene 1970, Evanston, IL
1969 Objects U.S.A., Smithsonian Institute - Washington, DC

Selected Collections
Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago, IL
National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian - Washington, DC
Delaware Art Museum - Wilmington, DE
Everson Museum of Art - Syracuse, NY
Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts - Columbus, OH
American Crafts Museum - New York, NY
John Michael Kohler Arts Center - Sheboygan, WI
Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Art - Racine, WI
Arkansas Art Center, Decorative Arts Museum - Little Rock, AR
New Markets, Inc. - New York, NY
Canton Art Institute – Canton, OH
Miami University Art Museum – Oxford, OH
Toledo Museum of Art – Toledo, OH
Service Merchandise - Nashville, TN
Johnson Wax Company - Racine, WI
Milwaukee Art Museum - Milwaukee, WI

Awards, Fellowships and Awards
1997 Fellow, American Craft Council, New York
1991 Grant, Ohio Council on the Arts
1990 Honorary Member, National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts
1988 National Endowment Arts Award
1987 Grant, Ohio Council on the Arts
1985 Grant, Ohio Council on the Arts
1983 Grant, Ohio Council on the Arts
1976 Grant, Kohler Company, Artist in Industry Program - Kohler, WI
1974 Faculty Research Grant, Virginia Commonwealth University
1972 Purchase Award, Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts
1969 Toledo Area Artists Exhibit Award & Purchase

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